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Today’s private sector, including its products and services, is increasingly conceived as a socio-economic actor contributing to human progress and to the evolution of our civil and social community, through its means of action. As stated in the European Constitutional Treaty (2004) “a highly competitive social market economy” is at the foundation of European sustainable development.

Studio Flick is committed to respect its own role within a society that aims at fulfilling such objectives. A law firm that, within the rules and criteria it utilises to evaluate its practice and results, combines economic efficiency and coherence to its own values, to the needs of its clients and, ultimately, to those of the community at large.

On the basis of such principles, Studio Flick has been involved for some years in research projects on human and civil rights, thanks to the collaboration with the Committee for the Rule of Law. Specifically, the firm has been committed to activities aimed at conserving and defending the memory of the Holocaust and of several civil wars (Rwanda, Ex-Yugoslavia) while supporting the diffusion of information about the work of the International Courts associated to such conflicts and to the defence of human rights at large.

In addition, a strong passion for mountains and mountaineering, together with a close attention to sustainable development of endangered ecosystems, such as the Alps mountain range for example, have led Studio Flick to establish a fruitful collaboration with Fondazione Courmayeur. Such collaboration produced an absolutely unique research project on liability in mountain areas; hence, five Mountain Codes have been published, which offer a comparative analysis of the legislation on mountain aid, on liability and, in part, on environmental risks, including the corresponding jurisprudence, in all European countries with major mountain ranges (Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Spain).

To its own professional team, Studio Flick’s social and civic commitment represents a rare occasion for learning and personal growth, which is at the basis of a solid working group characterised by a strong sense of respect, of workers’ rights and dignity, promoting the training and professional development of its “human capital” and guaranteeing equal opportunities to all.

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