Studio Flick
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Studio Flick Associazione Professionale is a full-service law firm highly experienced in civil and criminal law, with specific competence in commercial, banking and financial services litigation. The firm operates through a professional team composed of seven attorneys and several external counsellors dedicated to administrative and fiscal law.

The firm was founded in 1946 and has been providing its services to the community of Genoa and the region of Liguria for more than 60 years. Among its long-lasting clients are banks, companies, public administration; in addition, Studio Flick has supported and successfully completed the main privatisation processes which took place in the past ten years in the region. Studio Flick has dedicated large attention to the defence of civil rights and children’s rights, and in general to family law, interacting with family counselling agencies and family mediation services.

Experience and specific competences developed throughout the years are at the foundation of Studio Flick’s legal services, which has extended to the international arena. The practice responds effectively to the specific needs of the client, while applying an innovative and ad hoc approach based on the continuous update with current Italian and European jurisprudence. Attorneys at Studio Flick provide legal counselling and services in English, French, Spanish and German.

Studio Flick operates in the main economic and judicial cities in Italy, providing a solid and continuous connection with affiliated practices working within their respective regions. Studio Flick utilises top information and communication technology offering legal and technical assistance to clients wherever it is needed.

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